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Master Server Rules
Global Rules:
1) No making music wad files mandatory to download in order to play on your servers.

Casual Room Rules:
1) No advertising in your server title. (Exceptions are allowed for WAD hosting services.)
2) No inappropriate content (warez, pornography, swearing, etc.) in your server title.

Standard Room Rules:
3) Do not use this room if you are intending to play using a custom or non-official gametype.
Note: All rules previously listed in the Casual Room still apply.

Netgame "harassment" and "hacking" will be dealt with on a per-incident basis.

If you have witnessed one of these rules being violated, or you would like to report a case to us, please do so by clicking on the "flag" icon beside the offending server, as seen on the master server listing. Please have your SRB2 logfile and the IP address of the offending user handy.

We at Sonic Team Junior define harassment as:
  • Excessive flaming towards one particular user or group
  • Spamming the in-game chat buffer
  • Unsolicited sexual conversations
...and not by:
  • Hosts who behave irresponsibly, or arbitrarily kick users from their game
  • Clients who have a distasteful and/or self-praising attitude
  • The imitation of any well known community figure

Similarly, we define hacking as:
  • The exploitation/manipulation of SRB2's engine using a non-official EXE
  • Netbombing (forcing a server to crash using external addons)
...and not by:
  • A remote administrator playing with network variables

Please be aware that we will only take complaints for harassment/hacking seriously if they fall within our definitions.

Please keep in mind that any servers hosted off of our Master Server are not expected to comply to these rules -- we are not responsible for them, and we will not accept any reports against them.

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